Your Ticket to Freedom

Before going out for a ride, we always have a big question:
What should I wear?

Everyone has been hurt in the saddle several times, and we well
know that these discomforts prevent us from enjoying the real pleasures of cycling:
the wind, the landscapes or that feeling of being away from our daily routine.


Shorts are the most crucial item of clothing for a cyclist;
they define whether a ride is pleasant or a complete disaster.

If our bib shorts don’t have a great anatomically designed, or its
pad is not the appropriate one for the occasion,
we can be riding in a splendid landscape with good friends,
and even then, feel desperate to go home, just because
we cannot stand the discomfort
or the pain generated by
the saddle.

For this reason, with the Classic Bib shorts,
our biometric engineering
was focused on achieving absolute
comfort for cyclists.

We have created poetry for your legs,
the perfect blend of subtlety,
design and engineering.


Highly stretch fabrics that compress perfectly to the body
High density pads (120 Kg/M3)
Rides Duration: 6 to 7 hours
The best anatomic design for absolute comfort
Textured and smooth fabrics that are pleasant to touch
Non-slip gripper on hems
Moisture transport yarns structure
UV Protection
Abrasion resistant
Socially and environmentally responsible garment
Certified fabrics with OEKO-TEX® and The bluesign® system



The combination of its textured and smooth nylon-spandex fabrics,
provides a perfect stretch-compressive match,
which enhance our cyclist’s comfort.


If we plan to go out and ride for several hours, it is advisable to always use a high-density pad.

The density defines the amount of foam per cubic meter, so it is related to the pad’s capacity for recovery and resistance to high pressures for specific periods of time. Our high-density pads are above 120 kg/m3. This allows us to ride up to 7 hours without feeling saddle pressure.


Another characteristic no less important is the structure of the pad; this is a crucial point that all premium bib shorts must guarantee. A good anatomical design is one which distributes the foam, achieving different densities that vary depending on the contact point of the cyclist with the saddle.

This distribution gives an optimal protection of the perineum area and the sciatic nerve, allowing blood to flow unhindered and avoiding numbness or cramping.


The pad fabric plays a fundamental role in three key points: temperature regulation, comfort and hygiene.

Our fabric is the Elastic ® X-FIFTY. Its construction with polyamide and polyester threads guarantee quick drying and cooling functions that prevent the pad from becoming wet and heavy. The weight of a pad should always be light; which is why good moisture transport is so important.

Classic Bib Short pad is recommended for 7 hour rides.

Pad density: 120 kg/m³


Take your goals to the next level

After surviving countless blows and falls from which
you didn’t know if you could get up, you’re still here.

People call you crazy for enjoying suffering on a bicycle, but, deep inside,
you know that cycling is much more than suffering,
it is a lifestyle that only a few understand.


ULTRA cycling is a new global trend that challenges
human capabilities to the next level. We now see how
non-professional cyclists has been increasing their
distances ridden per year, the competitive level of
racing around the world, and the discipline
with which they train.

For these reasons, at Givelo, we believe that technological developments
cannot remain exclusive to pro cyclists.
It is time to put this technology at the service of all those
who want to overcome their limits.

Because it never gets easier, you just go faster.


Ultra density pad (200 Kg/M3)
Rides Duration: 8 hours +
Perfect for Ultra Cycling Distances
Clean Anatomic cut for a better compression
HCS Pad Technology
Moisture Transport
Non-slip gripper on hems
Pleasant touch Bibs
Anti-bacterial treatment
UV protection rate
Socially and environmentally responsible garment
Certified fabrics with OEKO-TEX® and The bluesign® system



This garment has a clean cut design on the hems,
providing better compression and allowing the legs blood
to circulate much better, generating a
lower sensation of fatigue.

The cool nylon keeps your body temperature low,
allowing you to ride in hot climates
without feeling overheated.

HCS Technology

This new ultra-density Italian technology is called “hybrid cell system” (HCS). It is a mixed cell structure that combines four types of foam densities, each with an unprecedented elastic recovery.

Ultra High-density

With an impressive density of 200 kg / m³, the hybrid cell system brings pads to a whole new level of innovation, which makes our High-D Bib Short the best choice for ultra-long rides (8+ hour rides).


These pads have soft wings that allow greater freedom of movement and protect the inner area of ​​the leg against the friction generated by pedalling. It also has laser-cut holes that reduce temperature and increase breathability, allowing this area to remain dry regardless of sweat.

High-Density Bib Short is recommended for 8+ hour rides

Pad density: 200 kg/m³

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